Ready for more MSX goodies? MSXDev ’21 is ON!

The competition that brought us so many MSX indie classics is back! MSXDev ’21 was just announced a few days ago and it promises to be as big as it has ever been, with a new slew of instant classics for the MSX platform.

The MSX platform thankfully is one of those classic computing platforms that just refuses to die, and hugely in part due to the MSXDev contest that is now running since 2003, and now enters its 17th edition.

After 3 years In development hell, Paprium is Finally Out for the SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

Paprium Title

Do you remember Paprium? Well, I don’t blame you if you don’t, but the important part is that the game is finally out! When everyone thought that their pre-order money was long gone, the game gets shipped to the people that bought it years ago!

Watermelon Games is no strange to delaying games and then releasing it when people had lost hope. Pier Solar and the Great Architects for the SEGA Mega Drive by the same company comes to mind.

Micromancers Announces Another Game for the MSX: Suite Macabre

Suite Macabre MSX Box ArtMicromancers, the famed Spanish publisher of MSX indie games in cartridge form just announced their next release: Suite Macabre.

Suite Macabre is an adventure game in which you impersonate a shy research assistant in search for his mentor, Dr. Kowalski. You must untangle Dr. K’s mysterious vanishing in the abandoned Dunwich Hotel while taking care of the strange and disturbing wandering creatures.

To achieve your goal, you will have to interact with the environment, pick unsuspected objects and use them in the most strange places and… bosses. Fight bosses in memorable battles between light and darkness!